FIREARMS SAFETY | Close Quarter Battle - Target Systems, UK

This is a UK Legal Disclaimer, please take careful note of these rules! Your safety is paramount!



  1. Treat all Firearms as though they are loaded
  2. Always wear hearing protection & wrap-around shatter proof eye protection if using any Firearm
  3. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are on target and ready to fire the weapon
  4. Point the muzzle of the Firearm in a safe direction at all times
  5. Always be sure of your target and its boundaries (shoot accurately) to avoid risk of ricochets
  6. Never shoot at the Target Frame



  1. Always obey the Firearms Safety Rules listed as above
  2. Always wear hearing protection and wrap-around shatter proof eye protection
  3. Always stand at least 10 yards from the target when using handgun calibres
  4. Never use rifle calibres on handgun related targets
  5. Never use more powerful ammunition than the target is designed for
  6. Never shoot on steel that is cratered, pitted, or damaged in any way
  7. If shooting multiple targets, the angle of engagement should not exceed 20 degrees
  8. Shooters/observers should ensure that they wear long trousers (no shorts) and long sleeve shirts
  9. Instructors/observers should always stand behind the shooter and observe all Safety Rules


*CQB Target Systems products are of the highest quality and fully legal and must be used according to these strict guide-lines.