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Cancellation Policy
Once a product has been purchased through our website this forms a contract between CQB Target Systems Ltd and the purchaser of the products from our own line store.

Incorrect products purchased in error
CQB Target Systems Ltd cannot be held responsible if customers have purchased the wrong product, however we understand that accidents do happen and we will always try to help our customers without delay. Please contact us by email if you require assistance if you have made an error with ordering your products from our site.  We have made available Website

Ordering Videos to assist you with placing an order.  Please watch them before ordering.

Refunds Policy
Sales of Stands/Targets that are ordered are to be considered final. Once products are purchased through our Website CQB Target Systems Ltd ensure that orders are carefully checked and packaged / ready to be shipped without delay.  After the items have left our systems, they then belong to the purchaser. CQB Target Systems Ltd can track whether or not a product has been received by our customers therefore no refunds can be issued for products purchased from the UK or to European Countries that CQB Target Systems Ltd ship to due to the very nature of their use. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions before you make a purchase. If there are delays in shipping you will notified by CQB Target Systems Ltd without delay with a revised delivery schedule for your order. We strive to ensure that your products are delivered within our delivery schedules and that items are in perfect condition before they are shipped.  If you have a problem contact us without delay.

Product not as described

CQB Target Systems Ltd provide visible samples of our products through our web site, together with specifications and detailed images, as well as concise lists in our help pages. These examples give our customers an opportunity to review our products before purchasing. If you are unsure about a product you should contact us before placing an order with CQB Target Systems.

In the event that you have received an item which has not been described accurately in the ways described above, please notify us within 72 hours of receipt detailing the problem which we will resolve expeditiously.

Incorrect or Incomplete Product
We strive to ensure that all products are accurate when dispatched. Please note, in the unlikely event that any product contains inaccuracies or if an item is incomplete, we will correct the problem. If you have received an incomplete or inaccurate product please strive to notify us within 72 hours. You must add the correct shipping amounts to each phase of your order if you are ordering Stands / Targets Separately, our system can auto-detect your Geo-location. We thoroughly check every order before they are shipped, to ensure all parts / quantities are included. We are here to help you, so please watch our onsite Ordering Videos before purchase.

Product not Received
CQB Target Systems Ltd maintain detailed logs of all items sent from our systems once a payment has been made and completed. CQB Target Systems Ltd will not be liable for any claims of non-receipt of a products that was the result of an incorrect address provided by you to CQB Target Systems Ltd. We cannot therefore refund an order under these conditions. The customer is responsible for providing correct address details to CQB Target Systems Ltd when ordering, which includes your Post Code details / Zip Code. We suggest using a Full Registered account on our website, rather than the Guest Checkout method.

Why does the ‘cooling off’ period not apply to products?
IMPORTANT. The mentioned regulations do not apply to goods that are directly & specifically supplied to our customers orders due to the very nature of their use. This is due to direct costs to CQB Target Systems Ltd when you place your order with us and instructions provided by us to our engineers to manufacture larger quantities of steel products through our processes. We therefore have a strict Cancellation Policy. See Terms and Conditions and other full legals for further information.



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